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Best use of the new FREQOUT pedal in Helix 3.7 ?


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I have not used it, but this effect is capable of faking guitar feedback on demand: in the studio, when you are playing at low volumes, or on a completely silent stage with in-ear monitors. 


There are several algorithms of what note you want, including random. 


I will not be using it because I am already getting feedback naturally by having max'ed out distortion that I engage with a snapshot I call "FEEDBACK".  It is NATURALLY feeding back: sometimes unpredictably, and there's always an element of surprise.  I love the fact I can turn my guitar and get a different note: 1, 5, 7, 1.... Sometimes when I play live I get feedback without engaging my "FEEDBACK" snapshot because I run a physical power amp + cab on stage, and some stages are more prone to feedback.


So in short, if I used FREQOUT live, I'd get unruly noise, because I would get natural + artificial feedback. I have no use for it. 


However, if you are thinking about using FREQOUT live, please make sure to test it out thoroughly during sound check.  This type of an effect can completely become unruly/noisy unless you run through the motions.  There have been several other sounds that worked perfectly fine at home for me, but live got out of hand; and I needed to tweak them and tweak them... so plz be prepared to adjust how it works at sound check, plus after a couple of shows. 


If you want to just have on-demand feedback the old-fashioned way, you can watch my video.  I've been using this method for as long as I've owned the Helix. 






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I'm having a LOT of fun with it, but I've been distracted by applications other than feedback itself. With Unison mode and a little editing, you can get E-Bow sounds as mentioned in the release notes. But it can also work well as a mono guitar synth (anyone remember the Korg X-911?) if you play cleanly. Going through different amps, I've been able to obtain different oscillator sounds (very much like sine, triangle, saw, pulse, square). Changing Drive changes the waveform, which adds interesting animations.


I've also been able to dial in fretless guitar and slide effects, as well as a pretty cool Theremin preset. Of course, there are limitations (e.g., you have to play the "theremin" on a single string, and there will always be at least a 150 ms attack time). However, it's important to note that Feedbacker is a squirrely effect unless you find just the right settings - it takes some effort to make it do your bidding. You really have to understand what all the parameters do, and how they interact.


FWIW I'll be including several presets along these lines with v1.4 of The Big Book of Helix Tips and Tricks. (I'm working on the updated version now, and expect that it will be done in December. Like previous versions, it will be a free update to current owners.)  

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On 11/20/2023 at 5:12 PM, theElevators said:

I love the fact I can turn my guitar and get a different note: 1, 5, 7, 1....

Years back I worked with a prog band - (Genesis/Yes type prog) - I was required to hit and hold certain notes indefinitely.  At stage volume I walked around and found the sweet spots for each note to feedback.  I marked them w/tape - then later went back and measured the distances to those spots.  Sound men would later ask me "Whatcha doing with the tape measure and tape?" as I marked the spots for that gig.  Never let me down.


Physics is fun!

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Just found a crazy application for Feedbacker that doesn't use a guitar (!). Insert the 4 Oscillator block before it, and insert a Gain block between the oscillators and the feedbacker. Set the Feedbacker trigger to random, then vary the Gain block. When the gain goes up high enough, the oscillators trigger the feedback. Bring the gain back down again, and the feedback stops. Bring up again, and get a different note. You can also use a tremolo instead of the gain block to change the harmonic triggering automatically. Put a Legacy Particle reverb at the's a pretty wild "electronic music" effect. It can even be pretty relaxing if you place two Tremolos in series to randomize the note generation.

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