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POD HD Owners, can the (Helix Native Amp & Effects Plug-in) somehow integrate with a POD HD Pro Rack Mount? Hear me out on this guys......


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I'm very interested in buying the Helix plugin software being that reviewers on social media platforms mention that the software is more straight forward and less time consuming compared to the .... Well, *outdated* plugin software the POD HD series provides for owners.


Personally, I also like the layout of the software interface. It's not as colorfully bright with so much animation. More of a dark, mature look this time around. Anywho, anyhow my pal.  to my question at hand. 


In any way, will a rack-mount HD Pod ProX benefit with using the Line 6 Helix plugin? Anything, even the ability to use the physical knobs on the rack-mount?


Will the rack-mount simply be a audio interface (guitar hosting equipment) for the Helix plugin and nothing else?..... To be more specific by using a analogy, I'm wondering if there's some kind of 3rd party hardware support. Same as what Omnisphere software plugin owners have when it comes to the Omnispheres lists/software integration support of various MIDI keyboard controller's physical knobs, sliders and so on that can controll Omnisphere's plugin software. Will a POD HD Pro be able to controll Helix's Native software plugin in anyway when it comes to the knobs and such on the rackmount's hardware or will it simply be a guitar interface host? 

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  • kpeace changed the title to POD HD Owners, can the (Helix Native Amp & Effects Plug-in) somehow integrate with a POD HD Pro Rack Mount? Hear me out on this guys......

Couple of things….

There is no plugin product for the POD HD series as there is for Helix; in other words there’s no POD HD Native.

The physical knobs and switches on the POD HD won’t directly control any Helix Native functions.


However, the POD HD ProX supports some MIDI capability. So does Helix Native. This may not be practical because POD HD devices do not include USB MIDI functionality. There will need to be additional hardware and MID cables to pass THRU the POD generated MIDI commands. That could itself be a MIDI controller which would render the POD HD superfluous. If you want to pursue this figure out some way to get the MIDI commands into your computer. Then read Appendix B in the POD HD ProX manual for the details of what your POD can do. Then read about how to set up Helix Native to respond to MIDI commands. Along the way, take some Advil.

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