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Help: Pod Hd500x Gradually Loses Volume


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I have an issue that just recently came up.  My POD HD500x gradually loses volume to the point where no sound output is getting to the amplifier.  The only audible noise, once this happens, is what sounds like a ground hum.  It seems to happen if I'm in the same patch for more than about 10 minutes, and doesn't seem to matter what patch I'm in.  A patch change, or re-engaging the current patch, brings everything back to normal, but it happens again about 10 minutes later.  If I'm changing patches constantly the issue never occurs.   


I've reinstalled the latest flash memory and have done a full reset, but it's still happening.  


My current setup is as follows:  

Guitar > POD HD > Morgan AC20 Deluxe (into the front of the amp).  


Other details:

- I'm using Studio Direct output setting

- I have changed POD power supplies to no effect

- I have an Expression pedal plugged into EXP2

- I'm using a 20' Mogami Gold cable from Guitar > POD and a 10' Mogami Gold from the POD > Amp

- I have input impedance set to "auto"

- I have guitar input set to normal

- XLR ground is set to "ground"

- 1/4" out is set to "amp" (I'm using "L(mono)" as the output)

- Both the amp and the POD are plugged into the same power conditioner (the amp exhibits no issues).  


Guitar, cables and amp are all fine.  I'm getting some really killer tones with this setup, but the volume issue is a little unsettling.  Last Sunday, I re-engage the patch I was in probably 5 or 6 times for every song... that's not what I want to be doing when I'm supposed to be playing!  


I'm stumped... any ideas?  

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Do you have it all hooked up to a studio recording setup with DAW and MIDI (or MIDI over USB) keyboard?


This may not be your case but the most common volume drops are when a keyboard is dirty or static gets in the pots it will send random MIDI signals as it connects and disconnects. Once you clean and reset your keyboard it is fine. Every few months I would get a volume drop on a channel in my DAW. If you're connected to a keyboard and computer with your device it's possible it's listening to this command on an OMNI channel setting.


If you are just in a separate guitarist setup then this won't apply but since this is a rare one I thought I'd throw that out there. It's common for keyboards to send random signals from the pots.

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