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HX Stomp XL amp hiss


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I have an issue with some hissing coming from the amp models. While I know that the hiss commonly found in traditional amps is also modeled in the helix, it is getting too much on my stomp XL. I also have a regular stomp, loaded with same firmware, preset and global settings and the hiss in definetely quieter. I tried different guitars, cables and power supplies but the issue persits. The hiss apears as soon as I turn up the volume on my guitar. I just have loaded an amp + cab block and nothing else. Gain staging is fine.


Are there any tricks to get rid of that hiss? I am already using a noise gate and in a band context it is not that much of a problem, but in more quiet parts where the guitar is in focus it is quite distracting.

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Have you adjusted the Hum and Ripple parameters of the amps to zero? They both introduce modelled 'noise'. I hate them and always make them zero.


From the manual

Hum & RippleControls how much heater hum and AC ripple interacts with your tone. At higher settings, things get freaky.

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Could you download the preset from the device without the hum and upload it to the one that's noisy, to makes sure they are in fact identical? 


If you still have noise, check that the following are the same between 2 units:

1. global EQ

2. Input pad.

3. Output level (e.g. line)


If they are both the same, then last thing I can recommend is the following experiment:


1) back up both units 2) reset them to factory default 3) upload the same preset and see if the noise is solved.

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thanks everybody for your help, I did all these things, but they are still different. However I got rid of the noise so much that I can get away with it and it isnt as distracting anymore. I cleaned all the pots of my guitars as well as the HX Stomp's input and output jacks and that helped a lot for a much cleaner signal and signal to noise ratio.

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Sometimes the noise could be due to a ground loop as well.  Every once in a while, when I have to play a gig at sound check my guitar buzzes more than usual.  Ground lift doesn't help at all. 


To solve this issue, I typically resort to connecting my gear to 2 independent power sources for my power amp and Helix.  2 completely different power outlets, like one from the left of the stage, and another from the right!  Being on the same power strip sometimes creates excessive noise.  Last time this happened to me, we were headlining an outdoor festival.  And several bands before us had no such issues, but Helix for some reason really buzzed, until we did what I described. 

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