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Hd500 Effects Pre Vs Post Amp (w/ No Amp Assigned)


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 Greetings all,


apologies, since I'm sure this topic has been covered before (maybe years back in the old forums)...


I use my HD 500 both as stand alone unit for FOH and/or as a straight up effects in front of an old Bassman rig....


When mashing up some new patches for use with my AMP I noticed that the sound of a my tube drive before the an empty amp block sounds completely different



than post empty amp block.



I would expect this behavoir when there is an actual Amp assigned - I don't know why it surprised me that it is occuring when there is no amp in the amp block. I guess I was expecting just a transparent passing of the sound.  =:o


thanks in advance for your input, -Rick




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how do you have your inputs set?  are you using input 2 as Same or something different from input 1?  that will change the signal strength hitting the TD before the amp vs after the amp...

Radatats, thanks for taking the time to reply.


Input 2 is set to Variax which I'm NOT using. In the mixer, both input faders are centered and at 0dB.


The Tube Drive before the empty amp blocks sounds crisp and defined tonally; but when I place it (without changing any of the device parameters) behind the empty amp block, the Tube Drive sounds dull and lifeless. Been using the HD 500 for 3+ years - in a variety of ways and this is the first time I've every tried any effects behind an empty effects block. And, never noticed (or paid attention) any difference behind an assigned amp block. :-)


Again, thanks for your reply, -Rick

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nico, after each "null" amp block the signal sums up 2 mono.

so, in pictue 2 abv, regardless if input2=zero, path b is still fed with unprocessed guitar signal.

however, things would be different if the amp block was placed after the mixer (c attached pic).


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awesome thank you very much! Here is another +1 on pinning your post > How Has Greatly Improved My Use Of The Hd500  lots of helpful info on the 'single input approach'.


As a HD300 owner also - I have indeed noticed how much easier it was to arrive at a great sound - [not necessarily related to this topic - I also really like the flexibilty of being able to send easily send a full cab feed to FOH and another without the cab to my rig. (yes I played for a long time with a FRFR wedge; but, really missed the whole guitar into the amp sound on stage)]


Of course as luck would have it, I did come across your thread after I had posted my original question and probablly would have posted anyway since my question was also not just about the placement of the tube drive; but, that there was NO amp in the block and it was as much an observation as anything else.


When I was reading your post, I was remembering the epic thread from 2011 > What every HD500 owner needs to know and it's spawn > What every POD HD 500 owner *REALLY* needs to know.    < I am including those references for those who may come later with similar questions - AND as a reminder that many good peeps have been to solve the many secrets of the HD500 and SHARE results about these issues for a long time! thank you for being such a significant contributor. ;)   

(sorry for any typos - my firefox spell check doesn't seem to work in this input box)

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appreciate your contibution to the conversation - and there is alway good council in the 'suggestion' to RTFM (your first post) -  reading the freekin manual is an often overlooked source of info which I am often guilty.


I will later also try and confirm or deny that a blank amp block sums to mono - though Nico has a lot of trial and error invested in sharing his info and as I grow lazier i tend to defer to other's experience =:o


again, thank you for your input.

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