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Anyone ever noticed how HELIX updates provide "detailed" instructions about update procedures and then proceed to give conflicting/confusing instructions? Case in point - Said instructions, in which there are contradictory statements like - " No HELIX Edit update is needed", are followed by a snarky statement like - "you must update HX Edit as well (which you would've done had you followed "How do I update to 3.71?" above). I get tired of "tekie engineers, who have done nothing in their life more than computer speak, being jerks because normal people don't understand their special logic.

End of rant.


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So choosing to read instructions instead of forging ahead blindly with a multi-step process, assuming that you won't f*ck it up, now qualifies as "special logic"? There's actually another term for it: common sense... but I digress.


That aside, how much time do you think you've wasted getting miffed at words on a page? Words that were not even directed at you personally. Or are you just cranky because you screwed it up, and then got called out by a memo? If this kind of thing gets your knickers in a twist to this degree, then what sort of short circuit is precipitated by somebody giving you a dirty look in person? Life's rough... if you can't develop a thicker skin, especially for things that don't actually matter and can be readily dismissed, then you're gonna be miserable for the rest of your days. And by your own choice...

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