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3.71 Issue


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I use a Helix Floor with a Variax JTV59. Previously the 3.70 update went flawlessly.

After doing all the steps and using the backup file to restore I now find all the Variax tunings in presets do not work e.g. Variax Acoustic 4 with Capo 1 tuning (+1). The settings are there within the preset, just non functional. "Forced tuning" is also on,

When I delete the tuning and save and then redo the (+1) tuning no effect?

Any suggestions to fix would be appreciated.

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Following - can you please confirm if you fixed this. I'm still on 3.70, but if what your describing is a bug in 3.71 it would break me (well lots of my patches).

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On 1/25/2024 at 8:39 AM, geordie100 said:

Yes, per preset is all ok. And no. no fix as yet. I wish I hadn't done this update too after 3.70 went fine!




It is possible to revert back to the previous version (3.70), until there is a fix for this issue.


Hope this helps/makes sense.

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OOPS.... If anyone has been following this for the last few minutes, please ignore two earlier posts i made and have since deleted. I was misinterpreting the display of alternate tunings in HX Edit and on my Helix Rack. Apologies for any confusion.


This appears NOT to be a bug. Alternate tunings are working as expected for me with my Helix Rack running v3.71 and my JTV-59. If it were an actual bug I would be seeing it too, and it would probably have been noticed and reported by many others by this time. I strongly suspect there is something wrong with @geordie100's setup or equipment.


@geordie100: I would try solving the problem by following these steps in order:


1) Try another VDI cable. If you don't have a spare you can use a standard network cable (RJ-45) temporarily. Test your alternate tunings. If still a problem...


2) Visually inspect the VDI ports on both your Helix and your JTV. If any pins appear bent straighten them using an improvised J-hook from some wire that's thin enough to get in there yet strong enough to straighten the pins. Test your alternate tunings. If still a problem...


3) Reset you Helix device. Restore everything from your v3.70 Backup file (there are no new factory presets in v3.71). After restoring, turn your Helix off/on to force an immediate rebuild of any presets that may require it. Test your alternate tunings. If still a problem...


4) Reinstall the firmware on your JTV-59. Test your alternate tunings. If still a problem...


5) Open a support ticket. There may be a hardware fault in either your Helix or your JTV.

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I have also lost all my variax tunings in my Helix LT (with JTV 89F) with the 3.71 upgrade.

In HX edit sofware, all presets show "Don't force" for Model and Tuning, all strings are set to 0.

BUT I just clicked on Per Preset Instead of Global, evrethinhg looked OK

Then I turned off and on, a rebilt has been done and it sounds like before. Yeah!

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