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Flying with Helix backpack as personal item?


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I’ve seen others ask about the helix backpack as carry on, but I’m flying out next week and am thinking of pulling the trigger on a helix/backpack and using it as my personal item on the flight.

My current plan is to check my pedalboard (pedal train pt2 with hard case), carry on my guitar and stuff my clothes/laptop in my backpack, but I’d much rather take the helix and guitar with me in the cabin and check my clothes/everything else. My laptop should be able to fit in the helix backpack as well. Im flying Delta and it looks like the backpack might be a couple inches too long but I’m not sure how strict they are with that. Anyone try this?


BTW I’ve been thinking about selling my pedals and buying a helix anyway. I found a great deal but don’t want to pull the trigger and then regret trying to take it with me on the plane. 


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Whether or not you can take your stuff in the cabin is entirely at the discretion of the flight crew, and you can't be sure it will happen until you're trying to board.

The few times I've had to fly I didn't have time for them to say "NO!"

Literally, YMMV!

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Yeah, it's a big maybe.  A lot of times I hear "the personal item has to fit under the seat", and I don't think that backpack will.  And if you've already taken a bunch of space out of the overhead for your guitar, they may be less amenable.


I travel with a Traveler headless guitar and a small amp checked in my suitcase (and maybe an HX Stomp).  There are no concerns about the guitar being checked.  But then, I only do that for practice (and have done an open mic with it).  It isn't what I'd really want to perform with. 

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