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Best solution for Helix, Keys, AND bass?


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I see a lot of talk about best FRFR solutions for running the helix into, but I'm curious as to what y'all would say if I want ONE solution to run both Helix AND my Nord Stage 3 in for live shows, that could ALSO be used for my bass gigs running through a Zoom modeler. 


I've been using a QSC k10.2 which I have 95% LOVED as it has two inputs with two separate pass-throughs and tons of great useful config presets.


HOWEVER, several times now I've had it cut off with the "Protection Mode 4: possible speaker damage detected" error that apparently is VERY widespread among people using it like I do, and also much to my surprise, at some gigs I need to run it really high to keep up (I don't like those volume levels, but sometimes it's necessary to keep up with some bands).


I really like the "amp" style units like Powercab or the new Fender ToneMaster with easier access to the controls than "monitor" types where everything is on the back and you can't see a clipping light if it's lighting up, however it seems most of the "amp" types aren't designed to handle bass.


Would my best bet be a bass amp or keyboard amp instead? So many ways to go. One friend of mine has been totally happy with his Headrush speaker. I just want a loud, all-in-one FRFR solution for Helix, Keys, and bass! I mean I know it's a lot to ask, but surely it's possible.

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On 2/23/2024 at 10:30 AM, Nos402 said:

I just want a loud, all-in-one FRFR solution for Helix, Keys, and bass! I mean I know it's a lot to ask, but surely it's possible.


I'm not sure it is.


The kicker will be the low range frequencies from the Nord and the bass. Getting them loud and clean takes a lot and most FRFRs and not designed for truly full range. I'd be guessing that's what craps out the QSC10.2. A single 10inch speaker (with horn) can't cover that frequency range AND volume for a sustained period. Guitar targeting FRFRs will likely be worse as they are designed for a narrower band of frequencies. A reasonable compact powered sub with appropriate crossover could give you that range with the addition of one box for keys and/or bass gigs.


Alternatively a compact bass combo sitting under the QSC.



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The problem you ran into was an errant firmware problem that specifically plagued the K10.2 speaker which was subsequently fixed.  However it has caused a lack of faith in the speaker causing people to move on to other vendors.  But there's no reason you can't get appropriate coverage across all the frequencies you need with an appropriate higher end powered speaker and there's plenty of them out there.  Headrush isn't one of them.  When it comes to these type of speakers you truly get what you pay for.  And you want one that has enough built in DSP configuration possibilities to match the sonic profile you need for multiple instruments.


Our band uses Yamaha DXR12's for our on stage monitors, the older version not the newer one, and it works perfectly for all of the instruments we push through it including drums, bass, electric or acoustic guitar, keyboards including all sorts of realistic sample libraries for orchestras, horns, choirs, name it.  And there are better and more versatile options available these days than these speakers which are now 12 years old.  I would suggest you go with 12 inch speakers to get the best stage results whether that's Yamaha, RCF, QSC, EV or several others and don't scrimp by using the bargain basement brands.  Any of these could easily keep up with non professional bands that don't have the skills to manage their sound levels.

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