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Is it possible to use two cabs in parallel with one amp?


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Normally in studio at minimum 2 mics are used. I would like to use the Pod Go with two IRs or cabs or mics in parallel:

Input -> Drive -> Amp -> Cab1 + Cab2 -> Reverb --> Output

I there a way to manage it possibly with a modified patches where the JSON script file was changed?



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On 2/28/2024 at 9:17 AM, TheRedDevil said:

Or in other words, is there a way to use

2 cabs with 1 amp


2 mics with 1 amp?

I always saw just one amp and one cab or mic in the blocks?


E.g. Fractal AXE FX III can handle 2 cabs with a mix of 4 IRs per cab.


You got your own answer...

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Yeah not possible.  Single path.  Think the Stomp models can, but they're also a bit limited by DSP / number of effects you can use; plus other compromises. 


I guess many think it sounds better; could very well, I wouldn't argue against the concept.  But a large portion of guitar players only use one amp, and many recordings were also done with 1 mic...  Is it that important of a feature?  How much better will 2 mics/cabs sound vs single?  Because like everything, it'll end up being compromise;  you'll have to pay more, smaller screen, no volume pedal, etc., so in the end, what's it worth to you? 


Even in usage; the Go has a million features and possibilities...  Adding dual paths to the equation, if you're not experienced, you'll just be adding to complexity.   KISS concept likely apply here.  For myself, I didn't even use the mic/cab system mostly, just used 1 IR, adequately named "the best IR in the world", and the Go's million other options were more than enough to tweak the sound.  So YMMV!


Btw with latest update there was an overhaul of the mic/cab system which wasn't bad to start with, and many have reported improvements.  There's tons of vids on YT and others, so I'd say try to listen to some tones, see if they sound good or bad to you.  Lots of free or paid IRs too.

videos with sound & discussing a bit the topic & limitations







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BTW, posted in another comment but never got a response, I believe that you could do twin mics with IRs, if you could find/make some.  (edited above post above btw)


Also, I've really gotta try this, but since an IR is a wav, it might be simple to simply add two IRs (waves) together then 1/2 the volume;  and you'll be essentially averaging the two together; two mics & cabs into one, hopefully someone can confirm/deny this!  Thanks!  :D  (might try it later, if I can finish all other work ... lol)

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Hi, thanks a lot. I already have a Fractal Audio AXE FX III Turbo and I was just thinking about a cheaper solution for holiday trips. Well, just one IR/mic is not enough. At minimum 2 IRs are necessary from my point of hear. Just give Fractal a try. Good luck!

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