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Is Hx Stomp ever going to have a 4th Snapshot?


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I bought myself the HX Stomp and I love it, but I have one problem, I need 4 snapshots (Clean, Crunch, Rhythm and Lead), I'm pretty sure that it's not a hardware restriction because the XL has 4 snapshots.

I prefer the HX stomp size but need the 4th snapshot.

Is this something that the HX stomp might get or I'm I going to have to sell it and buy the XL ?



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I don’t know whether or not there will ever be a 4th snapshot for the Stomp. Also I don’t have an HX Stompmto experiment with so this is purely theoretical……


There might be a way to use one Snapshot and one or more FX blocks turned on/off appropriately to provide you with what you would otherwise call Snapshot 4. For instance, could you blend your Crunch and Rhythm snapshots so that Crunch = Rhythm + OD FX? Or your Rhythm to be Clean + Mod + Del? You get the idea.

Doing that, and configuring certain Global Settings appropriately (e.g. snapshot toggle), you might be able to use 3 defined Snapshots plus the Bypass feature and Mode switching to yield a 4 snapshot setup. I haven’t investigated this approach so it might or might not work or be practical.

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I honestly don’t understand why everybody looks down on the Pod Go. I got it and it’s excellent. Has 4 snapshots and a bigger screen…more knobs, and has an expression pedal. And I built so many presets for it. And at no time have I felt limited. And I’m coming from the full blown Helix.  It does suffer from the same build quality issues eg crappy micro switches. 

but my point is, why get the Stomp, if you could get this for less money. I don’t get it. 

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On 3/3/2024 at 7:19 AM, stevenfernandez said:

I'm pretty sure that it's not a hardware restriction because the XL has 4 snapshots.



You might want to investigate using “stacking” snapshots on FS1 which would free up the other two so you could kick in/out more or less drive or dirt etc.

I use a Helix floor and don’t have this issue, but here’s a video from Steve Sterlacci who shows how to setup 3 Snapshots on 1 FS using HX Edit Command Centre and his HX Stomp.



Hope this helps/makes sense.



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