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Opinions On An Acoustic Patch In Hd500x


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Hi to all. I am currently planning to include my new HD500x in an acoustic setup. Although there are lots of acoustic patches available to download, I just wanna know your ideas on what should a good sounding acoustic patch include in the FX chain or in settings.


Gear : I have an Ibanez 1820x with a piezo which I connect directly to a mixer in live gigs. I'll probably use the HD500x's Looper more often than any other feature. So in order to get the most out of the HD500x, what can you suggest that I design my acoustic patch? I also wanna know if this also applies when I use a real acoustic guitar.



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Check out these:






u can find many more if u search 4 "hd500 acoustic" videos...


Of course u can use a real acoustic, or even a JTV guitar.


Thank you so much for the info. Really appreciate it.


BTW, I read the manual and found there's a SynthO-Matic and an Attack Synth Filter effect in HD500x so I'd like to as if these make the HD500x a good alternative for a real synth pedal system.

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If it helps any, don't bother using amp modeling if using a piezo in an electric. I found that it makes it sound much less acoustic sounding. I installed the LR Baggs Bridge-X in my Strat and have been messing around with different self made presets for a few weeks now. I didn't bother putting the preamp in because that's what I'm using the HD500x for.. I've gotten some great tones out of it so far. EQs will be your friend in helping shape tones.

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