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POD XT Live - most pedals work, some don't - it's not the button under the pedal!

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Hi All,

I had a rummage through the forum and couldn't find anything similar :-/

The problem: Pedal C and Modulation pedal both don't work: no light when pressed; no change to function; i,e, Rest of the unit can't see those 2 pedals being pressed.

Everything else works fine.

What happened?  The power supply socket on the motherboard came a bit loose, and power was cutting in and out.

- I opened the POD. Got the motherboard out. HAD TO DISCONNECT THE RIBBON CABLE from the motherboard (the one that goes to the two pedal banks. Also disconnected the ribbon cable at the Volume/wah pedal end.

- Unsoldered the power socket from the motherboard - it did have a broken leg. Soldered in a new one - power was all good after that.

But..... Having put the motherboard back into the top half of the POD body, and reconnected the ribbon cables, although the power is fine, and all the functions work, Two pedals don't work: Pedal C and the Modulation Pedal. i.e. the LED doesn't come on, and the functions don't change.  ALL the other pedals and functions are fine.


I used a circuit tested to confirm that the buttons behind the two offending pedals are both fine - they behave exactly like all the other buttons when they're attached to the circuit tested and pushed.


So, I suspect there's a problem either in the ribbon cable, or somewhere beyond that.


...and that's where I'm stuck.




Is it time to sell this XT Live for spares? Is there an easy fix?  Something else???


Thanks in advance :-)

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