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JTV 89f volume knob controls Garageband channel volume.


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I've got JTV 89f Variax guitar plugged into a Helix Rack and sometimes I use Garageband to record stuff. The Helix is not selected as the audio interface. Whatever channel is selected in Garageband will have its volume controlled by the volume knob on the guitar. I have sent the MIDI output of the Helix to a MidiHub so I can monitor any output and as far as I can see there is nothing coming out, can anyone suggest a way to stop this annoying behaviour?



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Check the patch out and see if the volume knob has a number by it or says DON'T FORCE. If it isn't, put it there. There is a whole section in the manual about "Controller Assign" on page 53 of the Helix Owner's manual. I started to dig into it but it was taking too long. So you'll need to do your own homework. FYI the JTV Variax volume knob can be set to control many Helix parameters. I use it and it's pretty cool. It's obvious that somehow it is sending a MIDI message to Garageband. You'll need to check out to see what the Variax volume knob is assigned to. You'll probably have to read to manual to discover all of the possibilities.

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