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Noisy VAI patch issue- help?


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Hello everyone,

new to helix, and also, new to modern tech- 

(my last fx unit was a 2120 artist from the early 90's)


so I made this patch-


I LOVE how it sounds, I made it after Steve Vai's "For the love of God" guitar tone,


however I notice that it has a lot of *noise* from strings etc- 

it is pretty high gain, so some noise is to be expected, but if anyone could help me clean this up I would be grateful for I am a noob at this.



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yes, I have it on, but I still notice a lot of 'string noise' 

im brand new to helix, if you could give it a try and give some feedback, (pun intended)

I'd really appreciate it.

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On 4/7/2024 at 12:50 PM, Kslj87a said:

if you could give it a try and give some feedback



I downloaded your FTLOG preset and it is missing the IR which you have used when creating the patch. I’m guessing that it was something in the regular 4x12 cab family, so I used a Marshall Greenback IR that I had, just to try it out. 

Yes the first thing in your signal path is a Noise Gate block. and regular contributor  “cruisinon2” possibly thought you had not done that, and was pointing out the the very first input section of the Helix already has a noise gate built-in, therefore you can use that and save a block for something else.


Anyhow, you preset doesn’t seem that different to lots of other high gain presets- string noise comes with the territory. You probably need to master your string damping techniques.

See video:



Maybe you should also check the height of your pickups.


Hope this helps/makes sense.



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Also I have had very good results with a 10-band EQ placed after the amp/cab block.  Some guitars are just very noisy!  Like my 'Strat.  So you can almost completely eliminate the 50/60-cycle Hum if you notch out the buzzing frequency. 


I don't typically play stuff that has that crazy saturated "American Woman" lead guitar tone.  But when I do, I use the built-in noise gate with default settings (mentioned earlier), and a 10-band EQ (mentioned above). 


Here's an example of one such tone... it would be way too noisy if I didn't use those tricks:



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