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Cleaning Helix Gig-bag?


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Does the label say dryclean only?


But, no I don't know for sure and would be concerned about damaging my washing machine with its size and external zips, along with how the internal padding would come out the other side once it got wet.

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I don’t either think the washing machine is a good idea. To ruff on the sack... 

I don’t have the L6 Helix Gig bag but I frequently use my backpacks when going fishing and hiking. 


When my backpacks get dirty, I use the same detergent as for cleaning car seats, a spray to be used for fabric. Do this:

  • If there is loose dirt/dust, vacuum the bag first.

  • Spray a suitable area on the backpack and rub a little with a sponge (properly soaked with some spray) where there is stubborn dirt (a soft brush can also be handy). Try to prep the whole sack.
  • Let it sit for a little while (not dry).
  • Wipe off the prepped surface with sponge gently soaked in water.

Repeat the treatment if it does not come clean. Let the backpack dry.


Hope it works for you...


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Wipe exterior with a mild damp bit of soap to clean. Brush lightly if really bad. Otherwise, hand wash in a suitably sized sink or tub with a tiny bit of laundry or dish detergent (aka Dawn). Rinse well and allow to air dry. YMMV.

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