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Spider 112 Issue


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Hi All,


I've owned and been using a Line 6 Spider 112 combo for some time and really like the amp.  I recently bought a Line 6 foot pedal to use with the amp but it appears the FBV2 pedal I bought is not compatible.


That's bad enough, but after trying the pedal out with the Spider 112 the amp is now having problems in that whenever I plug my guitar in I get horrible humming from the speaker with crackling in the background.  I can still hear the guitar but this has rendered the amp useless.


I presume that plugging the incompatible pedal in has caused the issue as it manifested just after I tried it.  Anyone know what the problem might be?  Hoping it's not too serious and that it can be fixed?



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Hi, I pulled the main board and found a blown cap on the PCB.  Presume this is the issue, it's a 50v 1pF capacitor.  Hoping against hope I can replace the blown cap and get the beast working again!!  Cheers, Ripface



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