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Help...Helix to Powercab Plus (via AES) works when (Output:Digital) Powercab Mode: Flat, but not Speaker mode (no sound comes out)


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I have my Helix connected via AES to the Powercab Plus (112) and things sound great when on Flat mode



As soon as I change to Speaker mode, all sound cuts off. No output is heard anymore.



Some troubleshooting I've done:

* I've made sure on my Helix > Global Settings > Ins/Outs > Digital Output is set to AES/EBU

* When I change the Speaker Type (via HX Edit) to anything (e.g. Vintage, Green, etc.) the knob color on the Powercab Plus changes accordingly, so I assume data is being transferred correctly btwn Helix <> Powercab...

* I've tried turning my Helix Volume all the way up. No difference



Anyone run into this before or have some thoughts ?


Thx so much in advanced!

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I'm not near my gear atm, and haven't run speaker models for quite a while. However, when I did I ran through the multi output. Worth a try?

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