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Pod Hd500x - Can You Use Another Power Supply


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I got this spec from Line 6 support last year for the HD500 power supply  .....  DC 9V 3 Amp or 3000 mA

Probably best to double check with Line 6 support whether that spec matches the HD500X just in case..... unless someone else can chime in and confirm the spec for the HD500X power supply.


As Charlie_Watt says - you must ensure it matches the spec otherwise at worst you will damage your HD500X and at best it may not operate correctly - it really is not worth the risk - get a matched supply.

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Quick notes -- Also ensure that the plug end of the replacement power cord physically fits your HD500X obviously, but if it sticks out too far, you'll be putting more mechanical stress on the socket leading towards a future failure.


The most important thing to make sure of is that the polarity of the replacement 9V DC, 3A minimum power supply matches the unit. You will brick your unit if you reverse the polarity (the + or - to tip or sleeve).


Just a head's up.



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