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1/4" outputs, no sound. Helix Floor.


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I'm sure I'm missing something obvious but hopefully someone can point out what that is.

I'm trying to output the helix mic to the 1/4" outputs.


1. I've tried both the left/mono and right outputs

2. I've connected them to my computer, and directly into a monitor. Same result. There is a light crackly electronic sound but not the mic.

3. The sound still comes out of the XLR output no problem when on multi or xlr output.

4. I'm using a regular guitar cable.


I'm so confused and feel like it should just work at that point, like if I didn't have the XLR's, wouldn't the 1/4"s just work too?

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  • Tedats changed the title to 1/4" outputs, no sound. Helix Floor.
On 4/30/2024 at 1:57 AM, Tedats said:

I'm so confused and feel like it should just work




In the "Templates" section of your Helix floor, you should find at slot 012 a preset named "Guitar + Vocals".


Load it up, and you will be able to see on Path 2 how the Mic signal chain is setup.

Input Mic > Vol Pedal > Studio Mic Preamp > Compressor > EQ > Multi Out.



Mic In 48V Phantom - When on, Helix provides 48V from the XLR Mic In jack to power studio condenser microphones.

IMPORTANT! Never connect the Helix device’s XLR outputs to a device whose XLR inputs have 48V phantom power enabled!


Hope this helps/makes sense.

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Are you sure about your output? Like datacommando said, make sure your output is on Multi. Make sure you either need Phantom power and it's on, or if  you don't need it, make sure it is off.

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