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M20d. Order Of Songs I A Playlist?

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I have downloaded 30 songs (mp3) in to my M20d. They are numbered 01, 02, and so on. When opening the songs in the  mixer the order of the songs seems to be "random". Is there a way I can have the song in "the right order"?

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In my limited experience with this I think the sort order is fixed by the M20d and is based on the timestamp of the file, not on its name. There is no convenient way to change the order. The M20d seems to sort the files according to the order in which they were created on the M20d media (SD card or USB stick). So if you loaded a bunch of files from your computer onto the media, their sort/play order seems to be determined by the order in which they were created on the media - not on your computer. I don't know if it sorts by normal or reverse chronological order, but as far as I can tell that's what's going on.


I think you could experiment with this by loading files one at a time (which is how I observed it) and viewing the results. Once you establish the pattern you can force the play order by similarly ordering your file loading onto the media. Tedious and highly inflexible, but perhaps effective if you want a static order.


Note: I haven't tested this theory systematically so it could be wrong. I just seem to remember observing this behaviour.

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Hi again, and thank you for responding.

I've been doing what mr. Uber Guru suggested but....... NO, it did not work.

Anyone has another suggestion?


I'll take a shot here.....     I noticed the same thing the other night and thought it was a little crazy, My guess from the times I have set up a playlist is the as you build the play list if you go into a folder and select one mp3, add it to the play list and click again to the add button and go to a folder and select another single mp3 and so on and so on, it stays in that order but if you go to a folder and "select all"  or more than one at a time then add them the M20D puts those mp3's how it wants. I use a usb stick with mp3's on it connected to an usb hub.


On a side note I found that if you load another scene that you previously used and saved with a play list that play list comes back as well.    

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Hee hee... Forum layouts catch many of us out! Scenograf... it's "jaminjimlp" who deserves your thanks. The "iknowathingortwo" is the label the forum software has applid to jim based on the number of posts he's made. In much the same way, you've been labelled "Just Startin'"


Easy mistake to make and I often have to look twice. No offense intended :-)


I played about with the playlist options early doors and gave up very quickly. The media player section of the M20 is one of those areas that doesn't really live up to many users expectations, but as it isn't really a core feature and is just a possibly useful add-on, I can sort of understand why it hasn't been given masses of attention to detail.


As much as I hate apple and their products, I have to say that the simplest way of managing a playlist for between sets (assuming that is what you are using it for) is remotely on an iPad. Hook your iPad up via Apple Airport Express and USB to Ethernet adapter combo, insert a 3/8" stereo to 3/8" stereo jack in to the back of the airport express and plug in to the 3/8" input on the M20 and then select "Airplay" on your ipad. Now, you can have whatever playlist you want on your ipad, sorted as you want it and off you go. No need to worry about adding tracks one by one to get them in your chosen order. I guess you could also use the ipad to send backing tracks too.

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