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Volume difference between mag and models... new topic!!

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I have a JTV-69 coupled with a Helix. However, I sometimes use the guitar directly into an amp. When using the VDI cable, through the Helix, the volume balance between the mags and the models is very closely matched. However, when using a 1/4" guitar cable directly into an amp, the mag pickups are considerably louder than the models. I just tried a little experiment, and plugged the guitar into the Helix using a 1/4" cable, and specifying the path 1 input as "Guitar".

As expected, mags are much louder than the models. Now, I plugged in the VDI cable also (not providing any sound, because of input selection). As soon as this happened, the mag volume was cut down to a level roughly equal to the model volume. (In all cases, using Strat-3 model vs mag 3 or middle p/u) Unplug the VDI cable, and the mag volume goes back to much higher.


Does anyone have any idea why this happens. It seems to me, that the volume of the magnetic pickups ought to be about the same whether going through a 1/4" cable into the guitar input of the Helix, or using the VDI cable and Variax input.

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I use 1/4" output almost all the time... and don't notice any volume drop in the models vs the mags. As stated above, 1/4" cables are not created equal... try a different one. 

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