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JTV-69 Problem with mags position 4 FIXED!

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I've had my variax for a couple years, and in fact bought it used. I've been happy enough with all the modeled sounds, but the mags didn't sound right in the 4 position (Neck and Middle). The output was much weaker that the other 4 positions, and did not have the characteristic "quack" that this pickup combination should have. I researched the forum and really didn't find any real solution. From the symptoms, it seemed most likely that the neck pickup was wired in reverse, and so I double checked the pickup wiring and everything was Kosher per the wiring diagram. Hard to screw up, as the pickups each have one white and one black wire, and the board connections are all clearly labeled. Reasoning that there could really be no other answer, I reversed the leads of the neck pickup, soldering the white wire where the black should go and visa versa. Everything is now perfectly normal, all 5 positions have similar volume, and Neck+Middle quacks like a duck. I can only deduce that the neck pickup was mis-manufactured with the white/black wires reversed. As an engineer for 40 years, I can guarantee that my guitar was not the only one with a defective pickup. 

I hope this is helpful to others.

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Probably needs a set-up, hasn't been service in some time. Pick-up height, worn string nut, couple other things are typical of the quack sound.

Doubt it's wiring, that would sound different. But good deduction though.


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