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Issue with MIDI-Triggered Preset Changes in Helix Native AU (Version 3.71) on Logic Pro and Ableton Live


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Hello everyone,


I'm encountering an issue with the AU versions of Helix Native (version 3.71) when using MIDI to trigger preset changes within Logic Pro and Ableton Live during a song. Whenever a preset is switched via MIDI, there’s a noticeable hiccup or lag in the DAW's tempo and a significant spike in CPU usage. This problem does not occur when changing presets manually directly in the plugin's interface, nor when changing snapshots. Interestingly, the issue is doesn’t happen in the AAX version of Helix Native in Pro Tools, which operates smoothly.


Unfortunately, I cannot test this in the VST3 version in Ableton since it does not support MIDI. After reaching out to Helix Native support, I received a generic troubleshooting guide that did not address the specifics of the problem, and they did not even attempt to reproduce the issue. The support person was able to mark the ticket as "replied" which is all that matters.


Can anyone else confirm whether they have or do not have the same issue? Can someone please try to reproduce? I can't be the only person in the world who tries to switch presets (not snapshots) during a song with MIDI.


Thank you all in advance for any help or guidance you can provide!

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Same here.
It seems that the AU version of Helix Native does not receive PC messages smoothly. When changing the preset with a PC message, the process of the CPU jumping and focusing on the changed preset is also slightly strange. I've tried various DAWs and AU Hosts, but they are all the same.

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