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Pod Hd500 Low Recording Output (usb)


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Hey guys, first time post. I'm using the POD HD500 to record in Ableton via USB, just as a standard interface, and I'm getting really low output volumes. I've tried tweaking things and maxing out both the master and amp volumes but nothing works. It will sound fairly loud when playing back, and the right volume when listening to it through the headphones I have connected, but when I export it the guitar track is barely audible. This has happened with both Reaper and Ableton so I know it isn't the software itself. any reccomendations?

At max output I am getting around -18 Db

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In the HD500 driver control panel there is an option to add an 18db boost - by default that is NOT checked.

Try checking that box and seeing if it resolves the issue for you.  You may also need to adjust the other settings in the control panel to compensate for the boost.


I don't have ABLETON so I can't describe how you navigate to the driver control panel for the HD500 - maybe it's under PREFERENCEs or OPTIONs or whatever the ABLETON equivalent is.

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