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Workbench HD software

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Mac died and bought Win laptop.   HX Edit downloaded and runs fine but when I looked for Workbench HD (any version) - UNAVAILABLE 


Is WB HD simply unobtainium?  




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Thanks for the replies. The trick seems to be leave “hardware” drop down menu blank.  I had been selecting Variax there.  Left blank but select WB HD and OS it reveals the download. 


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Ahh, yes. Selecting ‘ Variax’ as the hardware would prevent the display of Workbench HD because it is not compatible with the older Variax models. My guess is that if you select ‘James Tyler Variax’ as the hardware you would see Workbench HD because they are compatible.


Which leads me to wonder…. What model of. Variax  guitar do you have? If pre-JTV you want to use the original Workbench software, not Workbench HD.

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Silverhead - thanks again brother. I’m running JTV’s (3qty). 

Also gotta couple 500’s that still talk to ancient Yosemite install. But those aren’t HD WB.  

NOW I see James Tyler Variax. I was looking under V’s. Lord help me…

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