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Pod X3 Live Studio Direct Outs


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I have a Pod X3 Live which I am using to record guitar.  My Setup is Guitar > X3 Live > XLR outs > XLR IN on a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4.  The thing is I'm having trouble finding the correct setting for the XLR ins on the Scarlett.  The Scarlett has an instrument/line switch for each of it's XLR inputs.  So I guess my question is, are the XLR outs on the Pod X3 live line level or instrument level? 


Currently I have the Scarlett set to line level and it sounds fine but if there is a possibility for improvement I would like to know.


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So I guess my question is, are the XLR outs on the Pod X3 live line level or instrument level?


Um, neither... They're mic level, which is actually usually a little lower than instrument level, although, really, there's no exact specification for what instrument level or mic level is. Generally speaking, mic level is about -30dBu and instrument level is about -20dBu. However, if you crank the master volume on the X3L, the XLR outs can get pretty hot. Personally, I'd probably try the instrument level setting on your interface first. But on the other hand, if the line level setting works, and you're getting a strong enough signal from the X3L, you should be fine. Really, the main thing is to have a level that's not too low and not too high. I generally try to record with a signal that's between -12 and -6dB.

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