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Ux2 Problem: Analog Outputs Digital Buzz No Sound Getting To Speakers.

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G'day all,


I've just spent the afternoon trying to find an aster why I can't get any sound out of the analog outputs of my UX2 connected via USB to my MacMini.


I've selected the UX2 and output in OSX 10.9 and connected two 1/4" output cables to RCA into my Stereo amp but all I can hear is a digital continual buzz. Like there's a fly in a pipe sound.


The Meters are showing the sound's I'm playing on the Mac but nothings coming out.


If I connect headphones into the UX2 I can just barely hear the sounds playing on the Mac but the digital buzz is there like it is through the speaker.


I'm trying to use the UX2 as an outboard sound card for XLR and instrument input and sound output from my Mac.


Thoughts ?







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SOLVED: I found the USB cable I was using wasn't working correctly.


Once I swapped it for another cable everything started working, but before hand there was a hideous amount of noise as if it was in a feedback loop as soon as I connected the UX2 up. (Noise above and beyond the noise mentioned before)


Output from the headphone port and the Analog outs is fine.


The other thing is the UX2 hates my Belkin USB hub, so by connecting it into my MacMini directly I've got no discernible digital buzzing and things are running as I expected them to.


I was about to throw this unit away, now I just need to throw my dodgy cable away.


Happy days.


Hopefully this helps other people in the future.






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