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For What It's Worth: Ipad 4 Is Back, Now $399


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This may be old news, but for those of you like me, who don't yet own an iPad or other iOs device, and are seriously considering making the move; I just noticed that Apple has recently brought back the iPad 4, replacing the older iPad 2, and now the iPad 4 is $399 for the 16G, wifi version.


It's retina, and uses iOs 7, so it will work with things like AMPLiFi and M20d.


Literally while writing that post, it occurred to me that Line6 and Apple should team up and offer an incentive / rebate type incentive for anyone who buys an AMPLiFi and an iPad, or an M20d and an iPad... Just sayin', not a terrible idea, and certainly one with plenty of previous precedent.


Cheers, and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!! :)


Apple brings back fourth generation iPad


iPad 4 vs iPad Air

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I think I am going to spend the extra $100 and get the iPad Air. I have been a long time stubborn iOs holdout, and I will be looking at taking the train to work soon, rather than continue to spend a ton of money weekly on the 3+ hours of driving each day.


That, and I totally want to be able to use an iPad with my M20d! It seems like a good option to be able to use! And of course, because I want to be able to play the 'free' game "Ultima Forever".. ;)



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I ended up going with the iPad air for $100 more. The two are very similar, however the iPad air has faster Wifi. Since I would want to be able to use it with my M20d, I figured faster wifi=good thing, especially with something that complex.


Tempted to take the ipAd over to guitar center to give the AMPLiFi a test drive with the proper control ability. I would imagine Guitar Center probably has some sort of in store wifi to connect with.


I still need to get the Airport piece for using the ipAd with the M20d, that may have to wait till next paycheck though! Those payment plans seem like such an awesome deal, until the next month comes and multiple payments are due.. Though, the L2t's are great, so being able to split $1800 up into 3 payments with Sweetwater is definitely making it more do-able. Gotta start saving up toward a pair of L3t's next!


Anyway, here's the specs on the iPad air wifi:

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