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Pod Hd Pro X Clean Tone Won't Play Through Line Input?

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hey guys - new here so if this already a post my apologies.

i'm running a wireless G50 system from my guitar into my Pod HD Pro X into the LINE INPUT (L-MONO) on the back of my Pod set on the -10db switch, which is then going out into a SAMSON SERVO 200 Power Amplifier into a MARSHALL 4x12 cab.  

I play progressive/metal hardcore and the tones in this thing are absolutely phenomenal - sounds like a real amp.  clean and drive tones sound fantastic when i plug straight into the GUITAR INPUT on the front of the POD, but i'm trying to keep the face of my rack nice and tidy so i thought i'd run wireless into the back into the Line Input.  this is where my problem is - the drive channels and my pads and lead channels work absolutely fine, but i cannot for the life of me get the Clean channels to work through it - absolutely NO sound what-so-ever even though they work absolutely fine plugged into the FRONT GUITAR INPUT.

can anyone point me towards a solution?

cheers  B)

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In the settings screen....3rd screen down called "inputs" make sure "line L" is selected or "guitar+line L" and make sure it's set to "global" and not "preset".  Sounds like the dirty tones are on the correct input setting to match the line L jack you're using but the clean presets aren't...and it's probably set to "preset" and not "global".

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