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Pod Hd 500 Feedback Issue

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Hi there folks!

I was messing around with my pod hd 500, but i had some feedback problems while rehearsing with my band...
When i'm at home, i usually amplify the sound around 65~85dB* which is a casual/domestic loudness.

When i am at a live situation or rehearsal, I frequently pull the volume up to something around 95~110 dB, and in this situations I get an annoying feedback (not the nice one usually brought by valves).

This problem, though, is not exclusive to the pod. With the Zoom G2 and G9.2tt i had, this also used to happen, although more easily. So i guess that the problem is not hardware, but tweaking.

My signal chain in POD HD 500 is:
Fassel (Wah Pedal) - Tube Comp - Noise Gate - Treadplate (4x12 Tread V-30 + SM57 on X) - Volume Pedal - Digital Delay (turned off by default)

I am using an Epiphone LP Standard.

Seems like turning off/reducing compression works for the feedback, but it destroys timbre.
Raising noise gate, at the point it already is, would decrease sustain in an enormous way.

What can i do?



*deciBel leves considered at 1 meter from the speaker.

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Well I certainly would not consider myself an expert by any means but typically you do want you noise gate to be closest to the first item in the chain.  I guess in this situation I would think you would have better overall results by putting the noise gate in front of the compression.  If it affects your tone adversely then perhaps an eq at the end of your chain to counter it?


As far as the issue with your sustain, I had the same issue when using the standard gate.  I switched to using a hard gate instead.  These are a bit tougher to set up than the normal one but it doesn't affect your sustain anywhere near as bad.


This link below is the preferred guide for the POD HD around here.  Take the time to read the whole thing, there are people here that have been using their POD for years and this guide taught them a thing or two.  He has an entire section on how to properly gate your signal.



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