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Reaction When Switching Between Recordings

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Hi Folks,

I'm looking for a looper and found the JM-4, downloaded the manual but couldn't find an answer to this. So I need some help from the JM-4 owners, please.


I'd like to build some loops for one song (e.g. verse, chorus, solo) and switch between them live with the footswitches in record select mode. But how does the JM-4 react? Does it finish the actual loop before starting the next selected or does it start immidiately after pressing the footswitch?


Can the JM-4 handle my needs? I like to have seperate loops for different songparts to be flexible (e.g. extend Solo, repeat chorus...)


Thanks for your help!



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Good question. I'm not finding a seamless transition yet. Only had the pedal for 2 days

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