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To Cab Or Not To Cab


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Hi, I own a dream rig kit.


podhd500 into dt25 combo via l6 link


Should I always choose no cab?



optionnals questions:

Should I always choose pre?

Should I choose front combo in main settings?



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you shouldn't always do anything :)

typically the dream rig does use cabs...

and typically pre is probably preffered (saves DSP, and you have the physical power amp in the DT)

you may however just like the full models better... go for it....

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Heres my take on it all, some of which Zap and lef have already mentioned.


The louder you play the less a cab model will affect your tone. Just FYI.


The cab models work very well with the line 6 speaker in the dt25 cabs/combos, but let your ears tell you the answer, as they know that sounds good to you.


Full amp models will usually sound best for lower volumes and DT low vol mode, and pre models for louder and DT full vol mode. But again, let your ears decide.


If using l6link, I would advise combo power amp output mode, not front. But let your ears help you decide what's best for you.





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