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Clicking From Headset

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I just set up a XD-V75HS system, but i'm getting clicking coming from the headset. I haven't been able to trace down where it's coming from though.  I've tried:

  1. Different Body pack
  2. Different headset (countryman H6, vocals/green band strength)
  3. a Relay G50 receiver.

All of which still generate the clicks.  


I see no errors in the status screen of the receiver.  The belt pack is no more than 6 feet away from the receiver. I've tried high power and low power modes. 


The only thing i haven't done yet is run it through a different mixer (currently running it through the StageScape m20D).


Here is a sample recording from the mixer:


Any ideas of what might be causing it?

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Knowing a few more things would be helpful


Do you hear clicks when not plugged into the mixer?  Are you using the factory power supply for the receivers?  Balanced cable from the receiver to mixer?  Do you hear clicks with no  mic plugged in?  Wireless mic never see a true ground reference and can pickup all kinds of junk in the air.


Also can you email me a wav file?  Compressed formats have their own issues :)

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It's an apple lossless file so shouldn't be any compression/artifacts. emailing you a wav version too.


The clicks only happen when she's singing.  Everything is factory. Balanced high-shielded cables.  Clicks only happening on the headset.  tried using multiple board inputs with same result.  I don't hear clicking with any other instrument or mic.

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One more bit of info: audio bars on the receiver hits max of 2/5 bars at her loudest singing so it's not overloading the signal, and I don't hear the clicks at her loudest singing in the recording, just more for mid-volume sustained notes. (though her voice could be drowning it out)

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Hard to tell much here.  If the problem only exists with the headset plugged in then it may be the headset or the interface.  So same problem with stock L6 headset and Countryman headset?


Looking at file through a waveform editor I see nothing but smooth consistently symmetrical results.  For clicks I would expect to see some unrelated little spikes in the waveform.


Could you be experiencing something more like a distortion as opposed to clicking?


Does switching channels make a difference?  Does switching modes make a difference?  Does switching venues make a difference? 

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Same between both headsets at approx the same output volume (gains are completely different).


Louder singing doesn't distort at all. I tried different channels, different dynamic filters, etc. I'll be trying a different venue tomorrow.


It seems to be based off of the singing though, so I doubt it's interference.

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RF mode didn't help.  Looks like it was the venue.  Took the system from our rehearsal space (heavy in wifi all around) to a show (only 2 wifi hotspots around) and the system worked flawlessly without interference.

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