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Sonic Port And Gragaeband On A Mac Computer

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Sorry if this is a simple (stupid) question ...


I previously used a Line 6 POD xt Live (awesome pedal btw!). I used the stage feature in GarageBand on my Mac to create a "band" for me to play along with. I connected my Mac to the pedal using a USB cable and set the Audio Output on the Mac to be the POD as it appeared in the devices list on the Mac. Fun times! However, change is inevitable and downsizing a must!


Now, I have Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) on a MacBook Pro, an iPad runing iOS 7 and a shiny new Line 6 Sonic Port. I also have a Blackstar HT Club 40 tube amp. It only has the one 1/4" input jack.


Is there a "proper" way to connect all this up so that I can use my Sonic Port, manipulate all of it's great features, and still play along woth those "bands" I created? I don't imagine there is a Mac interface (software) for the Sonic Port as there is no (obvious) way to connect it's iPad cable port to the Mac computer. Nor could I likely now connect the Mac to the amp.


PS: I have not yet found a way to do the stage thing in GarageBand on the iPad. If there is one, this might solve this issue. Does anyone know if *this* is possible?


PPS: by "stage thing" what I mean is illustrated in the attached screen shot.



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Hi bether,


does this adapter cable need some special specs, or can I take every femal 30 pin to regular USB adapter (is this the stuff labeled "Camera Connector"), to connect the Line6 Sonic Port to a Mac. Most of these cables and adapters are declared for powering the device and not for data transfers. Maybe there is a female Lightning to regular USB solution, too?


And does this solution even work with a PC on MS Windows?

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