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Vote! Easy Way To Delete Favorite Tones


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Hi everyone.  Please consider voting for the following suggestion I just posted at Ideascale.  Thanks! AE

Easy way to delete Favorite Tones


You should be able to delete Favorite tones via an "edit" button similar to the "edit" button in My Tones. Right now, there's no way to delete a favorite tone unless you go back to the song from where you selected it and deselect it. It's unrealistic to expect people to remember every song where they marked a favorite; before long their favorites list becomes chocked full of undeleteable tones. At the very least, you should be able to click back to the song from where the favorite was selected so you can delete it from there.

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Latest version (Updated: Apr 30, 2014, Version: 1.01) available on apps store with following enhancements:

This version brings key user-requested enhancements, including social sharing of tones and local tone matching, plus new features to support AMPLIFi FX100.

• Share tones via Twitter from within AMPLIFi Remote
• Easily search tones on the Line 6 cloud from the main menu
• More easily save preset metadata by choosing from pre-defined values
• Get tone match results that include My Tones, even when offline
• My Tones and Favorites are grouped to improve navigation
• My Tones now include Factory Presets to help start your tone collection
• Expand/collapse groups of tones in your Tone Match results
• Favorites can now be un-favorited
• Numerous usability enhancements
• Bug fixes

• 100 hardware presets, sorted by banks
• UI updates occur in real time between hardware and app

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