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Who Has Pop Noise Forcing Jtv Model Change From Hd500 ?

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I am gathering evidence to see how many people have this issue and how many don't and what JTV, HD, models and firmware are involved. This info can then be given to Line6 to show how widespread the problem is, and that it needs to be fixed. Please take a couple of minutes to post a reply with answers to these questions. Thank you for your help.

1) do you get a pop noise when you change from one Hd500 patch that forces a JTV model change to another patch forcing a model change?
2) which model JTV do you have and what firmware are you running?
3) which model HD do you have and what firmware are you running?
4) if you have this problem, is problem persistent or does it go away if you use a normal guitar, or if you swap patches to DONT FORCE model, or if you roll back to jtv firmware v1.9?

If you want this fixed please vote for it on ideascale:


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