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I have finally succeeded in making my perfect tone!... It's ALIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!!  It's ALIIIIVE MUhahaUAHAhAhah! *cough* anyways....


I'd like to thank those of you that helped me with all the questions I posted up here trying to figure this frustrating yet wonderful 500x, I really do appreciate it.  So this is what I ended up with, a very heavy, brutal sounding rhythm with just right the right amount of chunk that is designed for being played out live... and loud.  I just uploaded this puppy to Custom Tone under the same name as this thread but since custom tone sucks, I will tell you all the info that it doesn't in case someone wants to replicate this thing.



- Active EMG 81/85

- Set on bridge pickup



- Transparent Live power Amp (not a standard guitar amp head.  If you want to try it with a normal amp head, you should probably turn all your knobs to noon so you don't color the tone too much)

- 4x12 Celestions



- Output = Stack Pwr Amp

- Master Knob = 100%

- Guitar In = Normal

- XLR = Ground

- 1/4" out = Line

- Input 1 = Guitar (no way!)

- Input 2 = Variax

- Guitar In-Z = Auto

- Input Setup = Preset




So just a few quick notes on this... 


1) It is designed to play loud.  With my power amp at about 60% I almost overpower my drummer.  I made it this way though because I did not want any distortion originating from my amp head.  This is also why the Path B for the Mixer is up a few db


2) To those of who are new to PODs, you're going to look at the signal chain and see the amp in Path B but nothing in Path A, so why did I split the chain at all?  Am I retarded?  Well yeah, but that's besides the point.  I read on a post in here a bit ago that, for some reason, if you set the amp chain up like this you will get more distortion out of your tone, well he was certainly right.


So that's it.  I wish I could make a recording of it but seeing as it would sound completely different running into a pc, you'll just have to check it out to see what it sounds like.  Unless someone can tell me how to route my mic input only to the pc and the guitar input only to my cab  I think I've covered all the possible variables that could cause you to get a different sound then I intended.

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