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Default Setting Of Guitar In-z For Hd500x


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Could someone tell me the default setting on page three of System Setup for the Guitar In-Z setting? I was messing with some of the settings and didn't pay attention to what it was before I started turning it, and I'd prefer not to do a system reset just for that.


The advanced manual makes me think the default is 1M, but I'd like to be sure.

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should be auto... some previous firmwares did not have the setting at all, and the default was 1m then.




I actually ended up doing a factory reset for a different reason, and after doing that, mine is set to 1M on every preset. I wonder if that either doesn't reset with the settings or if the firmware I have has a different default (I'm using 1.20).

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I was going by the history of the HD500, not the 500X, there could be a difference...

but i'd suspect that the 500X was always auto.


if you want your tones to be authentic with the models... use auto....


when using auto, the first effect in the chain determines the z.

sometimes it will be 1M, and sometimes not...


of course, you can just stick with 1M if you prefer....

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No, I'm definitely interested in getting the best, most authentic tones and using the best settings for getting those authentic tones. After reading the manual regarding this setting, it seemed to me that auto would be best, but being new to PODs in general, I wasn't positive, so I appreciate the info.

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