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Pod X3 Live Delay Wont Shut Off!

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Hey guys, i have a brand new X3 live, been using it for a month now, unfortunately, after i tried updating some patches from the line 6 site, ALL of my patches now have this horrible slap back type delay on it...i can turn the delay off and on with the button on the x3 live, it shows it turning off and on....but it doesn't change the setting. if i mute then tap my strings. The sound echos back, and i can change its echo speed with the TAP button on the x3, but I cant shut it off, and its like that on ALL of my patches...




Updates the flash twice

reset all presets back to factory

Reloaded a bundle when i had it working correctly


Nothing seems to get rid of this ANNOYING echo, its totally messing with my sounds...Can anyone help or have you had this yourself?



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do you possibly have tone2 locked?

third knob under the display... twist it... notice locked icon directly above...

when lock appears open... change presets... change back,,, sound should be normal.


a likely possibility... but may also be a monitoring issue.

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