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Lincoln Brewster Patches

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Hey everyone, I downloaded Lincoln Brewster's patches off his site...but im having a hard time with them, sometimes they download with 2 tones, and other times, its only one, i seem to get a variety of sounds depending how i download them...not sure which one is the TRUE tone...im thinking it has to do with the flash ware version as well, anyone familiar with using his patches who might be able to help me?

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Hey There,


I don't know if this will help much but any reply is better than none (I hope).


My X3L is currently DOA so I fired up the trusty XTL and DL'ed the LB patches. IMO they are indeed a great starting point but I would bet they sound different through his rig and his fingers so I would go in and tweak them for your setup. Start with the EQ and cab (the usual suspects).


I admit I am confused on the "sometimes they are 2 tones and others one" part. If you mean all the patches are not dual toned or some are some are not - who knows except ole LB himself. :) The other part of "variety of sounds depending on how you DL'd them" if you are referring to putting them into your X3L you might have to check the X3Ls configs/settings (output and such) and compare them to see what parameters have changed. Firmware will not randomly change tones (though a random preset generator would be interesting). 


Its been a while since I've had a useable X3L and after awhile I start mix the menus/options up  :blink: but I hope I pointed you in the right direction!




EDIT: The random parameter change issue may be a known Gearbox prob: http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/legacy-products/gearbox/gearbox-372-release-notes-known-issues-r265


"GearBox will not always save the correct amp model and/or settings when transferring to an X3 unit. The work-around at this point is to edit a parameter (i.e. move the volume knob up and then back to the original position), and then the tone will store/transfer correctly.  "


Go figure eh?

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