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Reload Gold Bundle

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Happy Easter all,


Sadly, my laptop becam infected with a virus and I needed to reformat the hard drive in order to clear it.


I have Gear Box re-installed with the basic package, but I purchased the Gold bundle and cannot get it to reload. I've run the license manager, and can see the bundle; but I cannot get it to display in the Gearbox software.


I checked my account and the device ESN (and computer serial #) is very different from that displayed in license manager and that on my account. Could this be the issue? If so, how can I get the License manager to reflect the correct info?


I've reinstalled the software a few times to no avail.


Any help is greatly appreciated.











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No, the PC authorization is fine... makes no difference if its authorized or not with gearbox.. which is of course no longer supported...

have you tried pod farm 1.x its a free upgrade... podfarm 2.x you'd have to pay for though....


Hi TheRealZap,

In the License manager, both the PC and device are authorized.

Are you suggesting that I de-authorize the PC?


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Yes, you will have a more modern interface... same tones, and fully compatible with previous tones...

the "gold bundle" translates into a "platinum bundle" same thing... they just renamed it for pod farm... but yes,., all unlocked.



Will the upgrade to pod farm 1 allow me to continue to use my tone port di and will my gold bundle be transferable?


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Hello again,


Thanks for your help today.


So I'm clear: Pod Farm is the new Gear Box, and work with vista? My Tone Port DI will still work?


I'll need to download a 1.xx version? How will I get the platinum bundle?


Thanks very much.

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