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It's Out Jtv 2.10, + Workbench Hd Through The Pod!

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Just going into Workbench (and enjoying the faster load via the HD500) and noticed that although I asked for custom settings to be retained when I upgraded, all the string volumes have been reset to 100%, (which is slightly irritating).  

EDIT: User error - ignore this post.  I'd forgotten that, after my previous update, I'd adjusted the global volume and not individual patches.  Global volume was fine after upgrade.   

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Tried v2.1 out at rehearsal and noticed that the 1st and 2nd strings were notably quieter than the others on the T-MOD bridge selection - so when I got home I tried it out with Workbench HD and HD Edit to check on string volumes.


Workbench HD reported these settings for global string volumes:

E   -3.7db

A   -3.2db

D   -4.0 db

G   -2.5 db

B   -1.1 db

E   -1.7 db


I can't remember if these were the settings I ended up with when I first tried out fw 2.0 many months ago but they could be.


Anyway - as you can see the Global string volumes don't reflect what I heard on the T-MOD BRIDGE with the 1st and 2nd being much lower in volume.  I checked the model definition and all the string volumes were set to 100%.  I checked the T-MOD positions 1, 3 and 5 and found all had the same discrepancy. I also tried the SPANK models and found they were the same.  I quickly ran through the other models and did not spot a similar characteristic in the others but I was just judging by ear so I could be wrong but if there were differences they didn't stand out as much.


I experimented and ended up setting my GLOBAL STRING levels to the following:


E    -7.0 db

A    -6.0 db

D    -6.0 db
G   -1.5 db 

B     0.0 db

E    -0.5 db


I will play with these settings for a while and see whether I need to adjust them.


I can also confirm the dreaded pop noise when swapping patches that force Variax model changes has also gone!     :)


One thing I did notice was that whenever I swapped to the T-MOD BRIDGE (position 1) that Workbench HD seemed to take a while to register that I had changed - the tabs all greyed out and then after 10 secs or so would highlight again and it was accompanied by a static crack/pop sound as the tabs brightened. But if I swapped to any other positions or model banks it responded almost instantly.  I don't know why that occurs or what might be special about the T-MOD Position 1 model - but it happened every time I swapped back to it.


Thanks for fixing those issues Line 6 - it is now so much easier to customise models because we can connect to Workbench via HD500.  And thank goodness that awful popping sound has gone!

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Everyone's global string volumes will be different if they truly balance the strings because of Piezo sensitivity variation.  If you get the global volumes balanced then the models should reflect the actual string volumes on the modeled guitars (which may not be the way you like them).  With WB first set the global volumes - then modify the model volumes to your taste.

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Has anyone reinstalled the JTV fw 2.1 as a precautionary double update or has everyone had a successful first flash install?


I have installed just the once and I have encountered the string volume balance issues with the 1st and 2nd, High E and B, being much quieter on the T-MOD and SPANK models.  I have played around with the global volumes in Workbench HD but just wondering if it's worth a second flash install to see if I end up with correctly balanced string volumes.



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I suspect that if you line up 10 JTV's, none of them will have exactly the same issues as far as string volumes are concerned. Too much variability with the piezo outputs, the models themselves, string gauge, not to mention the guy digging into the strings.


For instance, I really only notice a significant difference with the Strat models. So if I were to start poking at the global string volumes to dial in the Strats, everything else would end up a garbled mess. So I just adjusted those individually. Obviously this wouldn't work for you, if all your models have the same discrepancies...I just don't find that to be the case. Point is, I don't think any one user's settings are gonna work for everybody else. I suspect L6 knew this would be the case...hence Workbench.


Give it a shot...its the only way to find out.


It is only on the T-MOD 1,3,5  and SPANK bank   ......    LOL   .....  :D


And the high E and B are way quieter than the others.    Never had the problem with earlier fw releases or 1.9 and I am using same strings, so I don't think it's my piezo's or my playing style, it is a direct result of fw 2.1.


I may try resetting gloabls to 0 and just pulling sliders down on the T-MOD and SPANKs but then I think they will all be too quiet and I will have to boost the model patch setting in  WB by abput 6dbs to get it to the right level which I don't think I should have to do, especially if others are getting perfectly balanced T-MOD and SPANK models straight off the bat with fw 2.1.

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I bought one of the very first JTV69s but have only ever really used it for acoustic because I thought most of the electric patches were poor, particularly the Spank and Lester. Yesterday I thought I'd upgrade the firmware (mine was 1.6) and the first attempt with 2.1 was a failure which wiped all the patches from the guitar! However, some useful help from a Line 6 technician led me to download intermediate FW updates and go through the process again iteratively. This time success.


The result is a transformation, particularly for the Lester, which now has some balls! I've not yet checked relative string volumes and will do so but I'm delighted that, thus far, the instrument has been transformed and is now eminently useable. I get the feeling that modelling is finally coming of age. I've always eschewed modelling amps for the real deal valve units but maybe I should now think again.

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I can't understand some thing why all the equipment that got HD Ver. have less models than a previous Ver.

for exempel:


JTV 89F-- in 1.90 ver. there was a hollow body t-models and other types of special but in HD update the hollow body is gone.


POD X3 LIVE -- the models that in there is different from ones that in HD500.


Are they not worly enough to be included or some thing?

Please explain it to me?



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