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So yesterday everything was working fine or rather this morning around 2am EST

Now it is around 4pm est and i plugged up my guitar i usually ALWAYS

keep my kb37 plugged into my laptop and never have had a problem

I noticed my guitar was making a poping sound automaticly thinking it was the wires in the input where you connect the wire to your guitar i unscrewed it and checked it out. Unsure i put it all back together and tried another guitar and it did the same thing.

So i thought it was the wires i have 3 wires and tried all 3 and the same thing happened for everything

knowing it couldnt be the wires as 2 of the wires I Have never used with the Kb37 or never touched since i got them there could be nothing wrong with them as one of them was fairly new


When playing i experience a popping or click noise every few seconds, then a drop out of sound like it had lost connection to my pc but it didn't.

Clip lights never flashed or turned on.


I assume its either the pod of my pc.

my pc is going through some issues right now thinking that it could be the case but im not sure.


*Issues with pc include

***stuck on "Waiting for page ()" sometimes having to shut down***


now also note that this does not happen when i use my kb37 as a sound card for my pc to say listen to music with speaker monitors i do not have drop outs. Only while using my guitar and PODfarm2



I've notice through songs i can hear the same pop sound but no drop outs.

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Clicking and popping sounds are usually indicative of CPU overload.  SInce you say you are having other computer issues, you may want to check to see what programs are running in the background and shut them down- see if this helps.

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Run the Monkey to make sure you have the most recent drivers, firmware and POD Farm.

Make sure you computer has all its updates.


Snaps, crackles, and pops, white noise burst and dropouts are usually an interruption in the USB bitstream, unfortunately it can be caused by a ton of things.

Check out this doc:

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hi guys ive been using toneport ux2 with buffer set to one notch above extra small.ive noticed that if I have internet open and gearbox on for example in GOOGLECHROME  I get loads of pops crackling,drop outs now using IE 11 and like a dream.i like to use youtube backing tracks and its a nightmare with chrome.have to keep re booting pc.also cpu goes up to 100% when using chrome compaired to 49% in ie11.

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Hi guys

I've been having similar problems with sound drop-out and sample rate differences with my Toneport UX2

I use Logic 5.3 on a PC.

Pentium 4 Quadcore


Toneport UX2 and more than enough GBs of space.

This is a recent problem and I was recording happily until a few days ago. I hadn't installed or de-installed any programs before then and I have completed a full virus and malware check with no negative results.

I can't seem to get any updates over Line6 Monkey and a re-insallation of both applications hasn't helped.
Logic informs me that the sample rate has been recognised at 42626 and my midi and audio cannot syncronise, although all settings are set at 44100 in all applications.

I've reset everything to 48000 to see if that would do anything, but I had the same problem. Only this time Logic said the sample rate was 45000.

Any ideas?



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