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Hello, I have just purchased a Pod HD500x and I love it. I am 21 years old and I've been playing for 7 years. I play live but that's mostly acoustic performances. Unfortunetley my knowledge of music theory doesn't help me in knowledge of amps and audio understanding. I know the basics but I really want to dive in and learn about how to create the tones I want. I can hear it in my head but I am lost on how to recreate it for the most part. I have created some great heavy distortion lead tones that fit my style but I am having trouble trying to recreate the AC/DC sound along with other favorite artists like B.B. King, Santana, and Alice In Chains. I have all the gear for it. I am running my Pod through a Soldano Lucky 13 tube amp and it sounds great! I have a Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty (3 Humbuckers), Gibson Sg, Fender Telecaster, and an Ibanez Hollow Body Artcore. So you can say I totally have a dream setup! I just have no clue what Amp Models to use and how to adjust the settings to dial in that tone. I understand it's all preference but some general Guidelines would help. Feel free to name the amp models on the Pod in your suggestions and specify what you have your settings adjusted to. I realize every amp is different and everyone has their own sound but I just need some general explanations of what amps and settings are good for what. Thank you

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I agree with cruisinon2, you have begun your journey into the vast expanse of possible sound waves. You'll have fun I'm sure. I started in 2008 and didn't even know the first thing about guitar or the modern computer, lol, only used MS Dos. So in my case I started late but I'm having fun with it and learning something new all the time. Know your computer and read the manuals. I found it easier to read the manuals and testing than asking questions on the forum but I read the forum and get alot of info from the experienced people.

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I agree with the above answers as well. I run my Pot through a dt50 2x12 combo so it can get as close as u can imagine as far as amp sound goes but you also need to study how a player attacks the strings and how hard and where they fret their notes on their fretboard and such all this is just as important if not more than any amp set up. Research some rigs and especially their routing of fx. But my motto is try not to get it to sound like Angus just try and get it to sound good playing with the rest of the band. Try the JTM45 model but running into a soldano I'd probably turn modelling off and use the tubes I have. Angus is straight forward amp, cable, guitar. I believe he goes into the top input if his amp.

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The patch will say "Metallica", and what you hear might sound like Simon and Garfunkel.


Just had a most amusing image run through my head... "The Bridge over TROUBLED Water Tour featuring Paul Simon backed by METALLICA! Hear Paul's distinctive story teller tone as he takes you off to never, never land. Hear Trujillo lay down the funk on "Diamond's on the Sole of her shoes" like it's never been done before! And the vocal duets with James Hetfield on Paul Simon classics like "You can call me Al", "Graceland" and "50 Ways to Leave your Lover" will give you a new found appreciation for the soul sounds and groovy funk of Metallica! You think you're gonna get Sonic Death Monkey, and instead, Barry Jive and the Uptown Five show up, and sing Marvin Gaye!'


sorry, I digress! :)

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Hello, I have just purchased a Pod HD500x and I love it.


Start with the Plexi normal or bright amp models, choose the "full" version (doesn't say PRE), run the POD in studio/direct mode. Plug a 1/4" cable from the left main out on the POD to the FX Return on your amp.


Actually, look through your preset banks on the POD, and it probably already has patches that are literally just that amp model and nothing else. You also want to change your input 1 to guitar, and input 2 to something other than "same" - make it variax, that will be a simple start.


Take a look at YouTube also; search for stuff like "HD500 plexi"., "HD500 tweed", "HD500 blackface".


You might find some good tones in the three Soldano models, since they have a clean, crunch, and lead option; can't remember how they are titled.


Which actually raises an important point,  check your firmware and update if needed - the SLO amp models were added in a later firmware update, as was the Plexi if memory serves correctly.

Version 2.31

Released 4/8/14


Check your firmware, update if needed, then read up the manual and definitely check this out:









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Oh yeah, and check out the Joost Vergoossen presets: (the tones he uses in his YouTube videos)




HD500 Demonstration


They do show his footswitch choices at various parts of the video, for each tone, and that helps *alot*! You will have to download the entire bundle, then load the bundle in HD Edit. Before you do that, save the bundle you have on your HD500 if you've done any specific patches you want to save - you can also save individual patches or just setlists - the bundle replaces ALL the patches on the whole HD500.


He was using a Variax (JTV), but you can easily globally set your inputs to whatever you need.

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I just tested the Joost bundle, and it does load into HD500x editor ok - I suppose if you had individual files in the HD500 format, they *should* load into HD500x, but it won't automatically "see" them unless they have the correct .5xe file name extension. IE, JVCleanFXonpedals 1.5xe


I don't have a 500x, so I can't say for sure, but it would make sense this should work.. Others may have more specific info to offer. I renamed the Joost user bank 1 patches to have that .5xe extension, put them in a .zip and attached it to this post. These are his four banks or so, with the names like:


JVCleanFXonpedals 1-4.5xe


JVCrunch 1-4.5xe

JVLead 1-4.5xe






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