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Pod Hd Pro Dry/wet Recording Questions Before Purchase


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I have tried in the shop in HKG the HD PRO and it's the last piece available. I'm an happy user of the HD400 and I would like to ask a few questions before making the purchase.

I'm in a hurry because if they sell the last one I need to wait 3 months....and I can't.


I'm looking to a solution to have a quick way for dry and wet rec.

these are the questions or better saying what I want to try to do:


1) first I need to say I'm using a MacBook Pro with Logicpro.

2) I would like to record in the same time using USB two separate tracks one with dry guitar sound and the other with wet (effected sound)

3) once the recording is done I would like to being able to keep changing the wet settings/effect (e.g. Distortion/reverb/delay etc...). I'm doing this now with the effects in the Logicpro effects, but I like only the POD sound via USB and I'd like to confirm if with the POD Hd Pro I can do it real time, e.g. I play the recorded guitar on logic pro (not sure if the wet or the dry track) and adjust the effects manually on the POd HD pro until I finalize the setting and effect I like.

4)some people at the store said its possible also with HD 400 but with some limitation...well which limitations? As you can understand from above question I need something easy and quick, and I need to be sure before purchasing.

5) im not using any Audio/interface, I connect the USB directly to the MacBook Pro do I need any interface to do what I asked above

6) last question, what is the other advantage to pass from Hd400 to HD pro?


If this is not the right approach to do it, please feel free to suggest other ideas, ;)


Sorry for the long message, I'm using a new account cause the last one apparently can't send anymore message. P.s. if you want to hear my rec. just search me on the social net.... I hope this is not spam hahah

I love you for making such beautiful effect!



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I did my homework and studied all in details from answers in the forum and other sites, however I still need your expertise help to confirm my understandings are correct.


GOAL: Record wet/dry sound in the DAW with possibility to Re-amp the dry signal with the POD HD Pro and send back through Speakers and Logic Pro for playback (with the possibility to adjust the effects settings on the POD real-time while listening) or recording into a new wet track with the sound finalized during Re-amping.



Option 1- without using the POD HD Pro USB connection


1- Guitar connected to POD HD Pro using the front input for guitar

2- Wet signal output goes from the POD HD pro unbalanced left output (no.1) from the back to the Alesis iO4 AI guitar input channel 1

3- Dry signal output from the back of the POD HD Pro goes to guitar input channel 2 of the AI

4- AI is connected to a MacBook Pro via USB 2.0

5- Make sure in Logic Pro you selected the AI in the Audio Preferences for both input and Output; we are not going to use the USB from the POD HD pro for sending the sound to the DAW (MacBook w/Logic Pro).

6- at this point I should be able to record simultaneously the dry and wet guitars sound into two separate tracks. Note : When you record you need to put the volume of the channel 3 of the Alesis AI to zero; later we are going to use the channel 3 for re-amp, and at this moment we don't want to have this channel to wet the sound or other back tracks to be Re-amped.

7- On the Alesis AI there are 4 outputs (and they are not one for each channel), all of them are 1/4: 2 are called "Main outputs" and 2 are called "USB outputs". The sounds we need for re-amp is coming from the USB outputs (not the main outputs since these 2 carries as well the sounds from the AI channels 1 and 2 of the AI while the USB outputs have only the output from the DAW).

8- from USB out on the AI send to the POD HD Pro line input in the back of the unit for Re-Amp with the effects, and then again the Output from the second right unbalanced output (no.2) (the other is already used for the original wet sound recording) to the guitar input on the channel 3 of the Alesis AI.

9- at this point you should be able to play from Logic Pro the dry guitar sound (remember to mute the other tracks including the wet recorded track) and listen it already reamped, this allow you to adjust the effect settings while listening which is very important for fine tuning of the sounds. When you are ready and you are ok with the reamped sound, you can record the track while playing the only dry track in logic.




My question now are:

A) are above points correct? Is there anything I misunderstood or missed?


B) are the 3 inputs (2 on the back and 1 in the front of the POD HD pro) three different channels each using its own assigned effects or these are all mixed together? If the answer is yes, it means i can keep one setting for the wet track while recording together with the dry one and another separately for the re-amp.

C) similarly to above question i would like to understand if the outputs carries the mixed signal or effect assigned to that specific

E) i was also wondering if using the above idea for Reamp i need a reamp-box





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Ok guys I see no one answer, I called the shop and they won't hold anymore the last piece....unfortunately in HkG except this big shop there is no one else selling the pod HD i have got to give up...

i cant find any answer on the network, I checked everywhere, I asked the shop, I called line 6....


thanks for your help anyway



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As of now the re-amping is not implemented in the software as you desire/describe. Still there is a 1/4" Dry Output that can be used for re-amping but unfortunately it won't be done using the USB driver of the POD HD PRO. You would need to utilize another sound card to accomplish this. There are other workarounds of course since you have two discrete signal paths that you can utilize one of the paths as a dry signal if you need to record over usb. Who knows maybe the next update might bring this feature at the software level just like POD Farm where you can see various outputs at the software level including dry or direct out.


So to directly answer your question, YES you can re-amp if you're not using the USB. Simply utilize the dry out from the pod..

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Thanks guys, yes I won't use the USB, but the dry sound is recorded from the the output of the Pod to the AI of the computer.

The the drupe sound is reamped by sending the AI output back into the POD HD line input.....


If I don't use USB I don't need remap box? Is this correct?


The good news is the shop is holding the POD til Saturday, and I'm going there with my MacBook, logic and Alesis for testing....they allow me to test!!! It's great


Thanks guys

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What you are being anxious about is probably nothing to worry about. Calm down you do not have to get the HDPRO.

I'd say there is little point going to the HDPRO from a HD 400. Apart from some outputs and FX routing the modelling is the same. Maybe the HDPROX 


Use the USB you have and learn to commit to the sound you want on the way in.

Giving yourself unlimited choices is no fun at all.

To record dry only to reamp later is a waste of time. You only need it if you happen to write the greatest song ever and you'd reamp into real rig not the HD series. I am sure it would be fun for a time or two after that damn well adding time.

Get an interface and record a dry track and use up extra space for the oneday. 


I been recording for 30 odd years and the more I do it the simpler it is because I limit choices at every turn.

The only advice is to lighten up on the distortion when recording as what sounds fine to the ear at tracking soon gets 

too much at mix down.

The other advantage is if you have two guitar parts use different guitars into different patches and tweak there to get good separation. Kind of mixing while your working on it.

If you want to go Old School, A track was recorded by micing an amp.

Reamping is fun for Audio Engineers to clock up hours but a PITA for a musician.

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I'm trying to record into Logic pro X with POD HD500X and can't get a visible signal into Logic.

In preferences select HDPROx. Check all the drop down menus it is selected.

Arm a track by selecting HDPROx and activate listen and record buttons.



Bare in mind the HD series use the ASIO4ALL drivers and they don't like playing with anything else you might have to relaunch Logic and recheck preferences.

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maybe i'm misunderstanding...

but the HD does not use or support the use of ASIO4ALL, they have their own drivers.


that and it's entirely irrelevant for mac use since it uses coreaudio and not the ASIO standard.



Bare in mind the HD series use the ASIO4ALL drivers and they don't like playing with anything else you might have to relaunch Logic and recheck preferences.

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Bare in mind the HD series use the ASIO4ALL drivers and they don't like playing with anything else you might have to relaunch Logic and recheck preferences.


Actually it's the opposite. The HD series uses its own Line 6 ASIO drivers, which are fully ASIO compliant. The non-ASIO compliant driver called ASIO4ALL is the single most common cause of problems in setups that use it. If you are using it and not having problems you are both lucky and unsupported.

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Sounds like bjnette knows Pod the is finicky and needs a specific driver such as it's own, looks like it might be a typo of sorts, 'cause I read all over these forums ASIO4ALL is no good with the Line 6 stuff. Glad someone made cleared that up though.

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