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Variax Dead After A Firmware Update

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i have the jtv 89f corean


After trying to update the firmware using usb inerface on a pc win 7 64bit, it showed me 1 error during the update

then my guitar lost connection and the blue led doesnt work anymore (variax dead)


i dnt know what to do :(


shall i buy a hd500x to access my guitare and fix it or what ?


i bought it from Germany and i live in Morocco so there is no help over here


pls help



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i did but and i can hear only the default guitar sound on my amp

the usb interface still red on the variax in side and no blue led on the guitar

tired to reset then guit as said in the manual but nothing happen ( no red light)

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i did a test today


using a short 1/4 cable from my roland gk3 midi pluged in the guitar


a full battery in my jtv 


I tested the other side of the 1/4 cable with a multimeter but there is no signal at a all

i sounds like there is no contact inside the jtv

i  changed the volume knob to diff positions


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I have a 59 Korean and watched the lights die 2 weeks ago. No switching models or tuning. I reflashed, checked batteries etc no luck and all works as ususal except the guitar.. I Keep my all my stuff charged and in working order. I held off on the 2.0 upgrade as there was some questions about it. I loaded it then rolled it back nothing. I did have the switching issue early on and wow that was no fun out of the gate. I am now talking to Line 6 but it is all on me. I am afraid more of these guitars will have issues. They were poorly tested and it was hard to get them to listen but I was an early adopter and they came around eventually. When did you get yours btw?

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This is what is happening to my JTV69 right now. So frustrating! By the way, it happened also on my variax 300 way back 2006. I am getting frustrated. Now I know I really have to give up on line 6 products!

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