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Transferring Settings From Pod Xt Pro To Pod Xt

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I 've been using the raclkount Pod XT pro for a while and love it.  I just acquired a Pod Xt and plan to use it for practice (dont have to take out the big rig)


Is there any way to transfer the patches from Pod XT pro - to Pod XT without using a computer?  If not, is the software easy to download and use?


Thanks - I'm sure someone has done this thousands of times



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To transfer your patches without a computer you would need to manual edit each patch.


The software is easy enough, you would use Gearbox and save the patches from your Pro as a bundle then upload the bundle to your xt, loading a bundle will over write all the patches in the xt. (You can also save tone files to your computer and load them individual)


You will likely need to update the drivers and possibly the flash memory. To get started download and run the Line6 Monkey.


A word of caution, if you purchased the PODxt Pro used with extra Model Packs already loaded, you will loose them when you run the Monkey.

If you have Model Packs the you purchased you have nothing to worry about.

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