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Crack And Pop Sounds While Recording From Pod Hd300


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I tried recording my song with my pod hd300 on various softwares like reaper and audacity. Although i love the sound quality, i keep getting crack and pop sounds on the track. I tried rerecording, tweaking settings, everything. But it won't go. What can possibly be wrong here? Any help will be appreciated!

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I know I am extremely late, I got really stuck up.
But still, I haven't got rid of the problem! I have tried making the sample rates same, the laptop without the AC Supply and everything else.
It won't go!

I have noticed that if I record one or two guitars the it is not much of a problem. However, if i try to produce an entire song with, say, 4 or 5 guitar lines and vocals, the pops would totally ruin lollipop up!
I need desperate help!

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What it most likely is is either you are inputting the signal in too hot. 

Keep the signal in the green , never the red.This clipping will produce 

crackles and the worse it gets the more horrible is sounds


The other likely culprit is your audio buffer.

128 bits per sec is very good 256 bits is good and as low as you'll want to go. 64bits is excellent


256 is a safe buffer size

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The buffer size thing has actually helped me get rid of 80% the problem.

But if I am recording more than 4 or 5 tracks for the same song then the pops still come up! And I am not even using distortion! :/


After you render and save the track and listen to it do you still hear it. You'll get this crackle noise when you start to over work your computer.


I get this crackle pop when I push my computer to it's limit, but I don't hear it after I listen to to the rendered track. I only hear it while monitoing. It's rare that I push my computer that hard anymore as I've learned how to produce without overloading.


The first time I heard I didn't know what to make of it, lol.

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The popping has reduced considerably now! Thanks a ton you guys!
You have reduced the buffer size to the minimum available value. It is working fine as of now.
If I however, face more problems, I will definitely shoot it up here. You guys are awesome!

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