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Expression Pedal: Ex1 Vs Ep1-l6


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Is there any reason that I should spend the extra money for Mission Engineering EP1-L6 pedal vs getting the cheaper EX1 pedal?


Other then build quality, whats the difference?

Will both control the same stuff in a POD HD500?

Or is the EX1 limited in some way? 

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The Mission Engineering pedal is using a metal enclosure very similar to a Dunlop Crybaby. The EX-1 is a plastic pedal. So it comes down to a difference in construction quality.


To be fair, though, I've had two EX-1 pedals since 2000 or 2001 now, and they're still working fine for me.

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I have this Mission Engineering pedal and it is of very good quality.
Before I used it I had connected a BOSS EV-5 which worked excellent.

So I guess you can use any expression pedal with a max resistance of 10kO.
Volume pedals for guitars won't work because they're usually at a high resistance (~1mO).

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